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We are Joanna Gumbley, Rachel Eras, and Frances Nojd, three stay-at-home moms who love to create beautiful things, and capture them on camera. We have found that we have just enough time during naps to share those things with others!

The Handcrafting Homemakers Association was born out of the idea that there is more to being a stay-at-home-parent than dirty dishes and sleepless nights. For some of us, being at home full time means we finally have a chance to pursue creative interests; for others, it means finding they’re interested in the creative for the first time! Whether it’s baking, sewing, scrapbooking, or photography, we know so many new parents who are exploring the wonderful world of art and parenting!

One of the great things about creative projects is that they’re perfect for sharing, either to encourage a friend, or to make a few extra bucks. While choosing to stay at home with your little one certainly helps keep money in the bank, so many parents are finding it also gives them a chance to go into business for themselves! H2A wants to help, both with inspiring parents to find creative and fun hobbies, and to encourage parents who are starting their own small business!

We believe homemaking is an art, from making gorgeous, tasty, and healthy food, to teaching your kids important life skills, to beautifully decorating your home for Christmas. We hope to create events that are easy for stay-at-home parents (and others) to attend and get involved with, whether you’ve been running a business from home for years, or just getting started. As parents, we also want to support charities and organizations that care for and build stronger families and kids, so a portion of the proceeds from every event will go to a charity of our choosing.

Come back and visit again, for upcoming events, and for recipes, homemaking tips, and craft tutorials!

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